Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Etching to Etch Glass.

I know...Two whole posts in one day but hey this girl got behind and crafty...

So yes I know Pinterest is loved and hated by all. You hate that you love it soooo much. Well I have noticed that everyone has been starting to do their own glass etching and also saying just how very easy this stuff is. I gave this Pinterst find a chance. 

First I had to figure out what to do. The hubs loves beer, and being in the Air Force. He has a few beer mugs of his own but I decided why not add more to that collection. 

I bought and gathered all my supplies:

Armour Etch,
Contact paper (like that stuff you put in silverware drawers),
Glass of sorts,
Rubbing Alcohol,
Paper towels,
Box Cutter, and
My Rotary Mat (that desperately needs replacing)

The Armour Etch can be found definitely at Michaels where you can get a 40% off coupon to get more supplies for more creative projects and Pinterest finds.  

I got my glasses from World Market just because I was already there but they can be found literally any where. I saw some at Goodwill, Target, Walmart, etc. 

So first I cleaned my glass with rubbing alcohol and a dish rag that I did not care if got ruined.

Then I got the emblem I wanted from my Google search. And traced it on my contact paper. 

The cutting around all the letters and circle was the hardest part. I did not have a good box cutter to cut well. Most people say they traced their symbol/emblem to etch. However, knowing my drawing skill - yah that was not going to happen. So I traced it from my printed off image. I taped both the image and the contact paper to my mat so it would not move as a traced/cut.

I put the contact paper on my glasses and applied the cream to the glass with part of the cardboard of a box. Cheap, I know, but it works.

I left the cream on for about 10 minutes - mostly because I forgot. Also, most folks say to leave on the cream longer than the packaging (one minute), especially if you want the emblem less faint.

Wash off and BAM! Etched glasses!

Ehhh not perfect but I am happy. 

I guess my suggestion is to not get contact paper from Roses (not as sticky as a higher quality may end up being I suspect). 

Now to wrap and hide from the hubs for Christmas. :)

--one happy crafter :)

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